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A company best known by it's acronym(s) EQ or EQ ~ TRM

EQ Mission Statement ~ 1997 ~
To evolve methods currently used to resolve no longer desired complex technology, while generating needed commodities and currencies, used for learning and teaching purposes.

EQ Our Goal ~ 1997 ~
Community Acceptance, Involvement, and Patronage.

Known by our acronym, EQ ~ TRM is an environment first business, that Recovers & Inventories technology and Educates via participation in our stewardship activites. Practiced technological recovery provides an Ultra High Rate of Recovery for most any technology.

Simply recycling a computer, server, and or any apparatus or whole machine is not enough to protect our Environment, or much less sustain our way of life. Thus the next step is to apply the logic of Technological Recovery Management. A trident of services designed by EQ management & staff, as a required step in disposal of technology. TRM is designed & continually tested around the premise of a inter-supportive trident of services and is now in full operation within the boarders of Canada's Technology Triangle. TRM work continues daily on the donated obsolete, or repair prohibative, or prototype equipment that comes mostly from businesses within Canada's Technology Triangle.

Project sizes have ranged from:

  • One single obsolete computer
  • Two three or more large industrial machines
    (each weighing in excess of 1200kg)
  • Room size mainframes, server cabinets & panels
  • A harddrive a grown man can't lift alone - Yikes!
  • Multiple skids lots of mixed computer technology
  • Gaylords boxes of obsolete automation parts
  • It truly is an endless list, and it isn't going to stop.

    The point here is that project size is not the problem, actually it's only a matter of timing and logistics. A real problem would be, if a single piece of technology is tossed into the garbage like it was actually disposable. Then we as a whole community have a real problem, let's not be coy and make up some polite name, call it what it is wastefullness...

    EQ ~ TRM is the activitiy of
    Teaching ->>> Learning ->>>Achieving...
    The elemental idea is one in which an Environmental Remedy for all modern devices becomes possible affordable practical. Practicing TRM is the education of reshaping wasteful attitudes and preparing for tomorrows daily challenges.

    EQ is:
    Environmental Support For The Technological Community

    Practically everyone is included Kids, Moms & Dads, Teachers & Principles, Business People & Staff, yes even Politicians no one that can help is ever excluded.

    "E Waste is a Myth."
    QQ ~ 2008

    EQ's Founder

    David Schlievert EET

    EQ TRM's trident of services created with the distinct hands on divisions EQ Recovery & EQ Inventory.

    EQ Recovery
    ~ Logically dismantles obsolete, repair-prohibitive, or prototype apparatus, machinery and IT equipment and offers to do so to a level befitting your concern(s) environmental or otherwise.

    EQ Inventory
    ~ Combines storage and sale duties for the ReUse & RePurpose of technologies recovered whole or for parts. Selling commodities of base materials captured from clean source separated smart recycling activities,

    EQ Education
    ~ Is simply a learned lesson of real world business and personal environmental stewardship. From participation in the active EQ services, students gain needed hands-on experience, for their resume. Hands-on experience that employers and professors agree, is a much desired.