Environmental Quescense

~ Technological Recovery Management ~

Purchase Policy and RMA Procedure

Contact EQ ~ TRM sales via
  • E mail orders directly to eq4you2@eq-trm.com
  • Customer completes the Automated Reply Order Form

  • found on each EQ For Sale page listing.

    Telephone Orders 519-743-0187
    Regional business hours apply 8:30AM to 9:00PM EST

    EQ Inventory Payment Methods

    Canadian Or US Currency Only

    1.) Cash is KING!!!

    2.) Verified Paypal
    Credit card and Shipping Address you provide to me for shipping must be identical.
    The buyer are responsible for additional Paypal transaction fees incurred currently at 5.0%

    3.) Direct bank to bank deposit
    Is frequently as fast as Paypal.
    Is secure.
    Trims the fat (by cutting out the middle man.)
    Currency Exchange Rates
    Direct currency exchange rates are not feasible thus EQ ~ TRM deals in both Canadian and US bank note species.

    EQ ~ TRM's Shipping Services

    EQ Inventory Value Added Regional Delivery Service

    Delivery services for your EQ purchases to your first door
    KW $12.36 + Tax Per Delivery
    Cambridge/Guelph $15.46 + Tax Per Delivery
    Neighboring Regional Deliveries: contact EQ ~ TRM for per delivery quote...
    Online Direct Sales.


    EQ Inventory International Shipping Procedure

    Full purchase value and content listing will be declared to shipper on each package or on every order.
    Shipping (Package) Insurance is a customer option, you decide - choose YES/NO
    Declining shipping insurance means that EQ ~ TRM is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen merchandise once item is shipped.

    EQ Inventory RMA Policy Exclusions
    Electrical & Electronic items burnt or burn-ups in your custody, because "the item wasn't smoking when it was shipped."
    Shipping Damages, because "the item & packaging wasn't broken, cracked, or crushed when it was shipped."
    All non-insured shipping are considered As Is sales.
    Shipping Only Policy
    EQ Inventory offers purchasers a 40 Day Exchange OR Credit OR Money Back Policy. Therefore item(s) must be shipped for returned for inspection within 40 days of purchase.
    Exchange OR Credit OR Money Back offers will be made, only after the item returned has been inspected and given RMA Clearance.
    EQ Inventories Return Merchandise Authorization Policy
  • New Items: remain in their original unopened packaging or as noted on the official EQ Invoice.

  • Note: Packaging may have been opened for photos and measurements via EQ staff...
  • Surplus Items: remain in their original packaging or as noted on the official EQ Invoice.

  • Packaging was opened prior to EQ staff photos and measurements...
  • Used Items: are RMA Applicable

  • are pulled from known working machinery, or are tested inspected cleaned by EQ Staff and known to be in working order prior to sale
  • Used AS IS items are NOT RMA Applicable

  • items are pulled from unknown machinery and are not tested inspected or cleaned by EQ Staff and are of unknown working order

    EQ Inventories Return Merchandise Authorization Failure Policy

    Any item that fails to work in a normal operating environment for 40 days (Shipping Items Only) from the date payment is confirmed will be (Customer Choice) offered (as availability dictates) replacement, or credit, or refund.
    EQ ~ RMA policy covers EQ Inventory approved shipping procedures.
    Reasonable shipping costs to return defective items will be covered and reimbursed via RMA number only when confirmation of fault can be made...