EQ History

A company best known by it's acronym(s) EQ or EQ ~ TRM

EQ Mission Statement ~ 1997 ~
To evolve methods currently used to resolve no longer desired complex technology,
while generating needed commodities and currencies, used for learning and teaching purposes.

EQ Our Goal ~ 1997 ~
Community Acceptance, Involvement, and Patronage.

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The EQ Secret
Funding For EQ ~ TRM
EQ ~ TRM The First Days "History of Change"
EQ ~ TRM Operation
End Of Life ~ EOL ~
EQ ~ TRM Ponderings
Quotables by QQ

EQ ~ TRM founded by David Schlievert EET, in October 1997.

David is by training AND trade, a practiced and experienced Electronics Engineering Technician, who holds an asscoiated degree as an Electronics Engineering Technician and was in 1997 employed full time by a high technology manufacturing company in Kitchener Ontario. The company had given Dave, the challenging opportunity of developing a new full time position as a Remanufacturing Technician. Whoes duties were to refurbish the expensive trade ins from the sale of new products and rebuild these devices to "Like New" factory specs...

David ~ EQ's Founder Circa 2000

Today nearly two decades on, with hundreds of volunteer hours, and utterly countless machines recovered EQ ~ TRM would like to entertain you with a quick look at our Recovery Services, done via an EQ ~ TRM Small Project Photo Documentary # 2004-01.

Take a quick peek and see for yourself as seven computer hard disk drives circa 1991 seemingly vanish.

OBSOLETE HARD DISK DRIVES, in unique still action photos!

Vanishing Memory

The EQ ~ TRM recovery data is available upon personal request.


The EQ Secret
In review of the three independant EQ Services David noted, that each shared one common human characteristic. Each service provide the participant a very human emotional quality that simple "feeling of knowing."


A feeling that is neither happy or sad nor is it evolved, it's just the elemental sense to match to the environmental actions you take everyday. This basic sense of how your actions impact the environment and the community is The EQ Secret the single change that is needed. Perfecting of the sense of knowing isn't the important part of the excercise. Knowing that your feeling something about your environmental decisions and actions is...

So it is you, who must ask of yourself;
Are these actions taken the best effort I personally have to give at this time?
Retorical as a question, but this is truly why EQ ~ TRM makes no judgement.
EQ ~ TRM offers no judgement on your actions because EQ ~ TRM is no exception to the rule, "nothing and nobody are perfect." Therefore our judgement on your environmental decisons is not important, because your actions expose the unique situation that you are living. This is to say you are likely reading this because you want to share in the Quescense that protects your community because environmental destruction of earth is not OK...
Doing as you feel best fits your environmental issue today, is what matters.

Within the three services a common thread existed, the feeling naturally needed a name, because it was shared it was real you feel it too...
A name that stated the purpose clearly
A name that the most important people on earth (our kids) could easily accept.
Turning to his technical education David remembered a term used in transistor theory, the remainder was his insight.

Environmental Q U E S C E N S E

states that the actions taken are clearly earth friendly, again not perfect but evolving.

Next, a description of the feeling of knowing was needed...
Since it was a shared sense a common linking word was needed. Did an english word exist..?

Your donation of valueable technology is based on a feeling of knowing!
Your constantly restrained by our modern skeptism, (seemingly everyone else is self-centered and selfish too.)
Your breaking the law, "The LAW of Lemmings" (your completely out of line with your valuable donation)

"Quescense" (pronounced Que - ess - sense)

Penned by David, for the first time, was a descriptive word not currently noted anywhere in the English language.

Break it down.

Qu - A Nuetral sound in all events and applications.
ES - Pluralizes without corners, but conforming just the same
Cense - Knowing without thinking



This chapter is always in play, so in keeping with the moment.
As of this up date February 2009

February 14, 2009

EQ Book of Deeds 10th Anniversary
EQ ~ TRM as is now a tradition contact current, returning , and past recovery project benefactors and various interested parties via a special email.

Email Subject Title: A Green Valentine .
Reporting to benefactors and various interested parties the 2008 EQ ~ TRM Rate of Recovery and entered the names of the years projects and the supporters into the EQ BOOK of Deeds.
Note: EQ ~ TRM employed E-mail the most advanced form of Direct Person to Person communication on the planet.

January 17, 2009

EQ ~ Saturday Technology Sale - STS
Manning the weekly sale location at Your Kitchener Market for three years is now halted by economics. Currently the market's distant overseers (Community Services Council) feel justified in the 320% fee increase per table per Saturday per non food vendor. and that fee may I remind you is times two tables and times 52 weeks
Yes now I know it's true "Nero did fiddle while Rome burnt," so in a parallel while the economy tanks and jobs are lost the Saturday Market basically only quasi business maintains a new agenda; Quasi business you know "we're for real a business but we are also government so the real economy doesn't matter...
EQ ~ TRM remains resolute and determine to promote technology Reuse & New-Use as the normal course of business even if it mean's back to the streets to do it...

July / August 2008
Rory has been kept busy and entertained as he works his eight hours daily for the past month helping out at EQ World HQ as our first summer student. His work has been at times challenging and at other menotonus. He has worked under David's supervision and yes Mom(s) he has been fed at break times and while on the road to keep up his strength. Being paid for his efforts though at times seems of little compensation for what he learns during the average day he is proving to be very productive and shows great promise of being a "go-to worker" for some fortunate business in the coming year.
Rory's hands on education via his daily recovery efforts have provided many extra hours spent on research and to catch up with back logs in both recovery and inventory services. The remainder of this summer he plans on working and should prove to be financially lucrative to him.

February 14, 2008
EQ ~ TRM did as is tradition contact past recovery project benefactors and various interested parties.
Email Subject Title: A better Valentine for us all.

The email was reporting the EQ ~ TRM's Rate of Recovery for 2007 being 99.81% of 18,561.73kg and hearlded the entry of various names into the EQ BOOK of Deeds
Note: EQ ~ TRM employed the most advanced form of Direct Person to Person communication on the planet. Only one reply in nine years has been received todate, that reply came from none other then The David Suzuki Foundation 2007. . .

July 10, 2008
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program Plan was approved.
There is very little to add except EQ ~ TRM with holds support until the word WASTE is replaced thru out the program. However we are far better off and the extened effort made by the Province of Ontario certainly is light years ahead of where we were when EQ was founded in 1997.

July 2007,
Following the LIVE EARTH concert for international climate change EQ put out in a show of grass roots solidarity and averge guy support a FIVE Day EQ Technology Yard Sale. Contacting many local radio and print media for support little was received. After the event concluded Friday July 13th EQ regrouped during the weekly Farmers Market, held at the Your Kitchener Market on Saturday morning.

May 2007
Both Kathleen Wynne the Minister of Education 2007, Laurel Broten Minister of Environment 2007, declined to assist EQ ~ TRM disregarding the written endorsement of Mr. John Milloy MPP Kitchener Centre.

February 20, 2007
EQ ~ TRM did receive a hard copy of a letter written by Mr John Milloy MPP...
Mr. Milloy wrote in his letter addressed to The Honourable Kathleen Wynne the Minister of Education and copied an additional letter to the Honourable Laurel Broten Minister of Environment, promoting the full services of EQ ~ TRM...
This letter marks the first political offer of support yet received, and is now in EQ ~ TRM's archives.

February 14, 2007
EQ ~ TRM did as is tradition contact past recovery project benefactors and various interested parties.
Email Subject Title: A better Valentine for us all.
The email was reporting the EQ ~ TRM's Rate of Recovery for 2006 being 99.89% of 22,555.80kg and the entry of various names into the EQ BOOK of Deeds
EQ ~ TRM employed the most advanced form of Direct Person to Person communication on the planet. Only one reply in nine years has been received todate, that reply came from none other then The David Suzuki Foundation. . .

April 22, 2006
EQ ~ TRM delivered 1500 cookies to Stanley Park Senior Public School.
This delivery was as in years past a token trade for the tables use during the 2005 EQ Technology Yard Sale Season. This delivery marks the second year that the Earthday payback cookie delivery has taken place. "Sweet Deal"

Though EQ ~ TRM opposes NVD Fees for shred recovery without first completing a simple recovery screening.
The fact is that EQ Recovery services can not adequately service some technologies. EQ ~ TRM must withdraw offers for the recovery of the following technologies.
Computer Monitors, Flat Panel Displays & Video Terminals all sizes

Handling of these technologies is now a recycling only value added service. Though in 2003 until late in 2006 these monitors were a big part of EQ ~ TRM's free recovery services, Unfortunately stiff recycling only service fees apply.
Negative Value Disposal fees (NVD Fee) have darken this regions technology recycling efforts. Charging the residence for disposal as predicted will bring environmental damage via diminished community unity. Though EQ ~ TRM wishes our Regional Government well, because action is needed NOW.

EQ does not support this darken turn in recycling.

Because "E Waste is a Myth" it's just wastefullness with a clever name and good PR.
Because NVD Fees will not perpetuate the remedy we need.
We all need to pull together we all need to trust that our efforts are enlisted for the good of the community. No demand for our cash can assure us this, without generating controversy and other troubles and unrelated burdens.
We need to be united by purpose, not superceeded by politics and cash...
EQ ~ TRM remains strongly opposes NVD Fees for shred recovery, without atleast completing a simple recovery screening by qualified personnel...

Begining June 6th 2005
EQ ~ TRM urges our supporters to protest the Negative Value Dumping Fees

How to protest 101:
By keeping June 6th every year to protested NVD Fees. Make no deliveries of technology to Regional landfills on this date.

~ Since the item is being shredded up any the way you might just want to write the recyling company a note. Write your opinion boldly upon the item (of course) using indellable marker
~ Hold the technology noted in protest for delivery until June 7th every year.
~ Write letters to your Regional Council. Please remember they did need to do something, regardless of the outcome they did take a step up.
~ Hold the letters of protest for delivery until June 7th every year.
~ Phone your Regional Council (each of them if time permits) just to make sure they have read your words.
~ Engage your Regional Council in open person to person dialog, just to make sure they comprehend. Please stay on topic though, they are very busy.
~ Hold true to THE Environment, hold until relieved by positive social change.


Funding For EQ~TRM

EQ ~ TRM's environmental remedy, is funded only by the in kind donations of appartatus & machines that are Recovered and sold for Reuse, New-Use, or Source Seperated Recycles.

Only hard work via hands on recovery, diligent inventory management, and sales of technology for New-Use and Reuse culminates as Technological Recovery Management, has brought EQ this far.

None save for the average citizen has offered their support to EQ ~ TRM. Support that comes from their personal choice and follow up actions at home or at work. It is true that this is a sad state of affairs especially for our environment, however the actions of the average citizen are in direction a positive force of QUESCENSE .

EQ ~ TRM has one other source of community support, that being a letter of support from Mr. John Milloy MPP Kitchener Centre.

The loan of tables for the EQ Technology Yard Sale event season from Stanley Park Senior Public School has now been supperceeded by the subsidiuzed table at Kitchener Farmers Market.


EQ ~ TRM The First Days "History of Change"

Moving in to Islington 2004

Cast down thru these positive actions were the disjoined - disfunctional - destructive negative forces of our mislead throw-away society.

Consequently David, had discovered the;
greatest personal,
boldest professional,
most dramatically socially stimulating challenge of the 21st century.

Late on those cold days and nights long since past the Positive Forces began to fill up David's workdays and worknights...

With little community support, and even fewer resources in those first days, it truely appeared that the insurmountable and uncontrolable negative force was stopped. The negative now immediately replaced by the unknown Positive Force that began pointedly working on the remedy. Thus with only self generated financial support, due diligence, and professionalism; this worlds newest type of business "Technological Recovery Management" began services after an eight hour shift one cold late afternoon in October 1997.

Often it seemed that these efforts he made were done just to see ends meet, but the feelings of doing the right thing wouldn't relent. Right on thru those first days, David knew he was on the right track a sixth sense seemingly supported and guided him. Simply reviewing the data collected on the recycles processed he noted, that the volunteer recovery services had seriously improve if only by weight alone, the levels of complex waste in the disposal bins and compactors.

Starting from RECOVERY day one, after a normal eight to ten hour re-manufacturing shift the sum of these actions proved to be very rewarding for David and all who came to support him. Forward now because our ENVIRONMENT comes first ! ! !

Even in a society that had in error, viewed complex waste and disposability in the same light for decades. These actions gave a strong realization that none are immune, to the issues of proper disposal of complex waste...

Reducing complex machines to base components, and CLEAN Source Seperated recyclables was a qualified success.

Even from the beginning David, sought to create more than just another transparent recycling operation. He was interested in discovering the true nature of this disjoined - destructive behaviour, and how to deal with complex waste and throw-away disposablity.

From the earliest days a simple cure has always been the central focus of EQ. Hence is why EQ has functioned in an organized coordinated technical manner, helping maintain a sharp focus on the events. From the very beginning, the recycling data has been recorded and archived for our later review. Reviewed at a time that by our nature will be deemed to be an appropriate action.


A Big Job Needs Big Guns
EQ ~ TRM Operation

Via two active, and one progressive service.
EQ Recovery - EQ Inventory - EQ Education...
Operated with these three divisions, because each is in support the others efforts, and when combined they act as:


This trident arrangement of services allows for a multi point focus on EQ ~ TRMs actions. Now days as the summer of 2008 nears the end, the keen focus remains to educate young and old alike. Through the simple actions of an Environmental Active the environmental stewardship of our society finally comes of age.


EQ Recovery - EQ Inventory - EQ Education did function well, but as individual services each had hard limits and small success. David instictively almost without thinking conceived of combining the three services. Simply to effect real change, but only one change.

Only one change, one in which our Hurried Technological Society would easily grasp...


End Of Life ~ EOL ~ Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

David developed a personal issue with his employer when in late 1997 the EOL practices for machines that were nolonger viable for remanufacturing, came into question. At that time the current EOL business practice were lacking, environmental sustainability. As matter of record David's judgement on an environmetal scale graded the EOL a lowly "F" ~ A Failing Grade ~
David being an average C+ type of student while in school did note that failure wasn't pleaseant, and more to the point this failure wasn't just the companies failure. For not offering to remedy the problem it was his failure too. Instictively knowing that the acceptable EOL for obsolete and repair prohibative issues were wrong, David knew but for a bit of technical effort the EOL could be easily tweeked to pass a higher standard. There by bring the EOL practiced into the realm of environmentally sustainable stewardship. Basic management of Obslete Repair Prohibative and Prototype machines was in David's mind, a simple technicality.
Sure this is sad because he was the only one considering the environmental impact, but in 1997 it was the acceptable EOL measure of the day. A failing grade meant a threatened environment, thus taking personal action to change the blunted EOL practiced, he changed the outcome. He wasn't aiming high he just wanted to meet the most minimal personal or professional standards that anyone would, could, or should endorse for disposal of any technology let alone that of a high tech business.
David gathered his courage to ask and hence did secure permission from the Production Manager, who as it happens didn't much like the default disposal position he had inherited, and supported the remedy of recovery by selecting the first few machines. Four machines each ranging in size but averaged 60 to 80kg each were slated for the remedy of recovery in the coming week...

Day One to paint a picture
Late was the time of day and the dark sky had not relented. The weather couldn't have been worse David recalls, "it was a classic day to start" the weather had turned sharply colder over the preceeding weekend. With little or no sunshine having been seen all that day, and the cold north wind gusting & howling the sight and sound thru the dirty windows high above his head made definative the day was a dreadful & dreary Monday in late October 1997. The elements of nature on that first day could not be more disheartening, however even after another long workday the remedy was soon to commence.
To remedy and recover the current stock of obsolete machines he would have to work with a warm coat on, and thankful he was to have one. The area that had been set aside wasn't well heated, because it was locked away from the warmth of the production area for security purposes, meaning he would also be alone. Stationed just inside the "drafty" dock doors at the very back of the old single level factory is where he had to begin. David was just two meters in front of the compactor that was previously use to dispatch unwanted technology. To effect the remedy that recovery offered he had basic hand tools, a small portable bench and a few used cardboard boxes. Thus without assistance, but also with no one to impead his efforts, progress was quick and satisfaction sweet.
Upon returning to work the next day David was confronted with "the keep your job type" of worker's silence, as if he had committed a unforgivable sin of some sort. The kind of cold silence brought on by community indifference, but ignoring the silence that fell during the workday, he quitely re-initiated his alternative on that very next chilly afternoon. Machine after machine were just disappearing leaving various piles of recycleables, a few reuseables, and a greatly reduced waste pile. It was as if the machines had never been created. Yes soon enough the word had spread as it does everywhere via the grape vine. Later in the week the sun did shine brightly once again, and one by one his production colleagues slowly took a peak on their way home, and no where could be seen the waste...

David was just another guy, a Canadian tax paying citizen, a husband, a father. An average guy that did with his actions, bring a small benefit to the environment. From that time on, the environment and the sustainability of our technological scoiety became his first priority.

EQ ~ TRM Ponderings

How do we make Canada a G8 innovation leader? By makng sure the competiton we Canadian's bring to the world can compete & that we can win.

"They who do not understand your silence will probably not understand your words."
~ Elbert Hubbard ~

If we are all in the same boat together, always ask:
Who's steering, where are we headed, why are we going there?

Question Why such limited support for the community clean up EQ ~ TRM provides?

Quoteables by QQ

"It sure is better to be a lemon hanging on the crazy tree, then one of a herd of lemmings off a cliff."
Wasting your breath about the obvious sorry state we are in is wasting your time and my patience. "Act now, do something, maybe even call someone.
Let us know how it goes for you."

"E Waste is a myth."

EQ ~ TRM's Goal
Community Acceptance, Involvement, & Patronage"

In closing this History of EQ ~ TRM
David, reminds all;
"Freedom Isn't At All Free!"