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QQ ~ 2007

EQ Item ### IBM xSeries 345 eServer

One complete unit available with limited testing performed by EQ ~ TRM to confirm power up operations only...
Prior to EQ Recovery taking custody Operating System software & drivers were wiped of previous data.
What you get...
Name Brand - IBM 2U Rack Mount Server
Where Is // As Is Condition
Unit has 1/2 the full complement of SIX Hard Drives suggesting reciprocal pairs is possible.

Processor: P4 2.0GHz 512kb 533MHz?
System Bus A Two PCI-X 100MHz 64Bit
Riser Card System Bus B Two PCI-X 133MHz 64Bit
Riser Card System Bus C Two 33MHz 32Bit

Hard Drive:
Three IBM Cheeta 36.4GB Ultra SCSI (10,000 RPM)
RAM: 1.0GB DDR 266MHz PC2100
Front Access CD: Standard
Front Access FDD: Legacy 3.5"
Front Access USB: One
Video/Audio/Network: IBM Reliable Main-Board Standard
PCI X Card: 55850-704-090 - IBM - ServerRAID
Power Supply: Single Delta electronics RPS-350-9A 350Watt (Redundancy Possible)
Software: Wiped
Rear Access USB Two
Rear Access Keyboard: PS2
Rear Access Mouse: PS2
Rear Access Serial: One
Rear Access SVGA: One
Rear Access TX RX Link: Two
DDR 266MHz PC2100 Power Cord: Standard 6' 120VAC 10Amp

EQ Inventory Purchase Policy & RMA Procedures