EQ ~ Environmental Quescense ~

TRM ~ Technology Recovery Mangement

is a community initiated volunteer technology recycling resource/service.
Lead by the trade, train, and experience of David-wayne Schlievert, EET a graduate of
DeVry Institute of Technology's [Toronto], Electronics Engineering Technician course.

EQ 4Rs of Technology Recycling

Recycling technology requires strategy and planning, because technology is complex by design,
so recycling technology smartly is essential. Thusly EQ ~ TRM dynamically combines our trident of proven EQ services for the
long term sustainability of The Environment and the viability of our communities artisans and innovators.

Each year of voluntary environmental service creates a wealth of data, from which the EQ Rate of Recovery is the aggrigate focus.
EQ ~ TRM tabulates the collected data from all EQ Recovery projects to obtain this crucial environmental measurement.
The EQ Rate of Recovery is posted as a percentage for the world to marvel on and discern,
is eWaste real or not. Hmmm???

Small but mighty is the EQ Rate of Recovery, and it really works!
Whats better is that real People of any age or walk of life
can seize, grasp, comprehend this simple ideal.

For the most recent Gregorian calendar year being 2020 99.74% from the 16170.422lbs
of labor intense 4Rs technology recycling was recovered by EQ staff.
" We're in this together"
QQ ~ 2020

EQ ~ TRM 4Rs Recycles:

Server & Computer Technology ~ Telephone Technology ~ Industrial Automation ~ Prototypes Machinery/Apparatus ~ Lab Equipment ~ Bicycles etc...

4Rs of technology recycling = Reuse > Repurpose > Reduce > Recycle

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  • Pic 1 * David at Saturday Technology Market 2006
  • Pic 2 * David w/ Pete 2008
  • Pic 3 * Live Earth 2007 Event
  • Pic 4 * EQ is a Shared Profit Organization, Resource sharing partnerships, have earned thousands of cookies for local public schools.
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    EQ Education Services:

    Time for real school to begin!
    Lesson 1.0 any quality education is costly further, a quality education that is only tax base funded creates indifferences that some would argue cost the effectiveness of said education. EQ Education promotes the practical side of life, lending strong technical seasoning towards the artistic or innovation activities of this high tech community. Participation is the key to unlocking the work experience.

    Hand On education is clearly not a child labor pool, or a correctional remedy for delinqency, this Hand On education is work expereince. EQ education is a postive investment for the participants potential future employment considerations. The community will benefit greatly from the participants time investment, and THE Environment is equally and directly a benefactor, via the 4Rs of technology recycling. Participation supports the mindset that s sustainable "Environment First." community that benefits all participants,meanwhile additional financial off sets to advanced technically oriented education is acomplished by default.

    EQ Recovery Services:

    Technology is made by various commodities and resources gathered from Mother Gaia, and is usually designed for the peaceful evolution of humanity, meaning technology is not natural further is simply not disposable.

    4Rs of Technology Recycling:
    Dismantles your apparatus, machinery, & equipment providing education via the 4Rs of recycling. Today most techology is simply obsolete, or financially not repairable as a whole, but in parts technology supplies artists & innovators with many unique and needful things.

    Regardless of why, each item is evaluated for recovery or for simple recycling. Meaning your technology is streamed into the 4R's starting with Reuse & Repurpose or is deemed by our experienced technical staff to be non reusable and is remedied as a recycled item.

    "Yes." This is a labor intensive process, but it pays well when training is the most desired component of our final product.
    Is your workplace looking for suitable candidates? Please take note of the applicant's workplace experiences listed on their resumes.

    EQ Inventory Services:

    Free Technology? Well, maybe not as yet, but affordable technology we are doing our best to keep prices low and value high.

    Providing a vast and varied source of affordable technology to the community that has been streamed into the 4R's promotes Reuse & Repurposing. Meaning a circle of technological sustainabliity closes and viable recycled technology becomes available that allows the community to benefit because the affordablity is once again found.
    Though we may not have enough of single item to cover your immediate needs, what we do not have will lead you to primary distributors. Closing a circle of sustainable human evolution does benefit all.
    Artistic expression and innovation create intensive thought provoking process within the participants, which pays well when the most desired component of the final product is personal experience.

    Is your workplace looking for new suitable candidates with workplace experience??? Does EQ ~ TRM appear on the applicant's resumes under workplace experience??? .

    EQ inventory is been accumulated from community contributions. EQ makes technology available benefitting many People in the community that allows each to WIN on the world stage of ingenuity and modern art. This in turn brings jobs.

    * * * * * * ~ * * * * * *

    Buying needed technology from EQ ~ TRM is easy!

    Step 1.0 create your technology wish list adding pictures as needed.
    Step 2.0 email your technology wish list to EQ.
    Step 3.0 our reply email will detail currently available technology.

    "Recycling is the symptom - Recovery is the cure.
    QQ ~ 2007

    FREEDOM of choice comes with eventuallities. These eventualities are responsibilities and require of you to make firm intuitive decisions, Your choice to select EQ ~ TRM's professional 4Rs of technology recycling services over outdated eWaste schemes will determine which way we steer our high tech community.

    In the end which way do you beleive to be forward?

    David is EQ ~ TRM's founder

    Option B:
    eWaste is esentially shredded recycling.

    For service details and EQ ~ TRM's twenty-four (24) years of community history/challenges please see

    About Page "Work With Me People"