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2018's EQ Rate of Recovery
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" eWaste is a Myth."
QQ ~ 2008

Technology that can be recovered via

EQ ~ TRM. 4Rs of Technology Recycling.

Server & computer technology ~ telephone technology ~ industrial automation ~ prototype machinery ~ lab equipment ~ etc...

People viewing our website have expressed to EQ TRM's Management (several times) in direct conversation that " EQ ~ TRM's website sucks!"

Brilliant - very helpful information. Yes - management is aware, and thanks for noticing, but believe it when we say "it's not just a spelling/grammar issue."

The fact is we have a very big SCARY reason for this sorry state of affairs???

EQ inventory NOTICE... 2018

BAD NEWS: a variety of awesome industrial technology "HAVE BEEN PICKED UP AND CARRIED OFF" aka (STOLEN) from secure lock and key storage at EQ World HQ :( The mass of technology was comprised chiefly of thousands and thousands of dollars worth of surplus Allen Bradley, Festo, SMC, Siemens technologies, and so many unique items and apparatus that for us to list them here would take many weeks. Many of the more expensive items thankfully, were listed for resale in the table below. ;-) Which is why it is fortunate to maintain proof presented in the public form. Most even came with 1st generation digital pictures, and generous descriptions, all the missing items being securely stored under lock and key.
Further all items in the online listings required extensive amount of time, expense, and creative energy to create!

EQ ~ TRM's Managment does publicly proposes a theory on the theft. So lets all illuminate and have a close up look at the occurences beginning on the date of the theft April 17, 2014:

1a) The for sale listings (see table below) prove that criminal activity is a extreme possibly - "Corporate Sabotage."

Why? Really Who knows jealousy maybe?
EQ ~ TRM's venerable 4Rs of Technology Recycling predate the current hevily perpetuated and publicly funded eWaste program, by MANY YEARS.

1b) The Bank, Real Estate, company each collude in the selling of the Lawful Property without the lawful owner's signature further refuse the requirement to provided their signed documentation of the property sale.

182 Islington Avenue in Kitchener ON...
1c) April 17, 2014: all recycling and inventory operations ceased at are environmentally astute homebased location.

EQ ~ TRM's 4Rs of Technology Recycling.
Lest we forget maintains proof by virtue of the extensive EQ Recovery data that "eWaste is a myth."
Maybe some person(s) have a personal problem with the facts...

2) Extensive altering of EQ ~ TRM's website pages for the current dated look, and sucky attributes must now remain unchanged, until these occurences are illuminated in the public, very possibly in the public criminal courts of Law.

GOOD NEWS: OK it's not all bad news because currently an entirley new EQ inventory grows in the wild of EQ Field Command. :) We're not bragging, we simply continue recycing operations doing what we continue to advertise could be done with the technology contributions. Every effort to support and perpetuate sustainability in our High Tech Community via the proven EQ ~ TRM 4Rs of technology recycling continues as best it possibly can.

EQ Education Services: EQ Recovery Services: EQ Inventory Services:
Wake Up! Its now time for real school to begin!
Our first lesson - Education isn't free kid! Education is a BIG Chunk of our tax money, but effective education is worth every penny...

EQ Education promotes the practical side of life, lending strong technical seasoning towards the artistic or innovation activities of this high tech community. Participation however is key, and dedication thru many hours is needed so even an EQ education isn't free. Every benefit must be earned and this education is intentionally a participation only experience.

Now everyone think this education idea thru clearly this is not a child labor pool, nor is it a correctional remedy for delinqent children. EQ education is a postive investment on a resume for future employment. Our community will benefit greatly from this investment, not forgetting for a moment that THE Environment is the immediate benefactor via the 4Rs of recyling that all will learn here.

It's fair to say that we are not all strong book learners, not all will be engineers, professors, or doctors this is the reality, right? Enough said. Participation supports the theme for a sustainable "Environment First." community that benefits all participants, having additional taxes off set by work acomplished.

Watch for EQ ~ TRM on resumes.

Technology is made by mankind who gathered the resources from Mother Gaia and is usually designed for the peaceful evolution of humanity, meaning technology is not a crop that was grown. Thus technology certainly is not disposable.

Smart Recovery:
Dismantles your apparatus, machinery, & equipment providing education via the 4Rs of recycling. Today most techology is simply obsolete, or financially not repairable as a whole, but in parts technology supplies artists & innovators with many unique and needful things.

Regardless of why, each item is evaluated for recovery or for simple recycling. Meaning your technology is streamed into the 4R's starting with Reuse & Repurpose or is deemed by our experienced technical staff to be non reusable and is remedied as a recycled item.

"Yes." This is a labor intensive process, but it pays well when training is the most desired component of our final product.

Watch for EQ ~ TRM on resumes.

Free Technology? Well, maybe not as yet, but affordable technology we are doing our best to keep prices low and value high.

Providing a vast and varied source of affordable technology to the community that has been streamed into the 4R's promotes Reuse & Repurposing. Meaning a circle of technological sustainabliity closes and viable recycled technology becomes available that allows the community to benefit because the affordablity is once again found.
Though we may not have enough of single item to cover your immediate needs, what we do not have will lead you to primary distributors.
What then happens?
Closing a circle of sustainable human evolution does benefit all.
Artistic expression and innovation create intensive thought provoking process within the participants, which pays well when the most desired component of the final product is personal experience.

Watch for EQ ~ TRM on resumes.
Everything in the inventory has been accumulated from our community contributions. EQ is not a reseller. Making technology available to benefit the people of our community allows them to compete and to WIN on the global stage of ingenuity and modern art. This in turn brings jobs.

Buying is so easy!

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make a list and email it to us. EQ inventory today.

Buying EQ Inventory

For service details and EQ history and challenges see About Page "Work With Me People"

"Recycling is the symptom - Recovery is the cure."
QQ ~ 2007

Employees "real people" who are trained & are dedicated guide and oversee other dedicated people, who need training of a different kind, because we care, we do...

Option A:
Harvest and repurpose useful technology thru education

Option B: shred recovery enmass, enough said?

Your turn to decide which way to steer our high tech community - which way is forward?

This is only a partial listing, it is always best to ask for what you are looking for, because you may just get your wish...

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